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Hot desk 无固定办公桌的现代办公室

Do you work in a hot desk office?


The script of this programme 本节目台词

Feifei: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English. I'm Feifei and with me is Rob.

Rob: Hello everyone. Hi Feifei, how are you?

Feifei: I'm very well, Rob, thank you. 今天我们要学习哪个新潮短语?

Rob: Well, I'd like to introduce the phrase 'to hot-desk' and the idea behind hot-desking in modern offices.

Feifei: I know this one, Rob. To hot-desk 或者也可以说成 hot-desking 是一种越来越流行的办公方式。这种办公方式最大的好处就是节省空间,对吧。

Rob: Yes, not like before where everyone had their own desk, in a hot-desking office there are certain number of desks and computers available for people to use, and anyone who needs them can use them.

Feifei: 不像以往的办公室里,每人都有自己固定的办公桌、电脑等等;在一个 hot-desking 办公室里会备有办公桌和电脑,但都不固定专门给某人使用,谁需要谁就可以用。This way, companies can save space by reducing the overall number of desks it needs to provide because not everyone is at work every day.

Rob: Yes, throughout the year, there are always people on leave, away from the office or off sick. It's more common to see hot-desking in big organisations.

Feifei: 其实一年到头,总会有休假的、出差的或病了的同事,如果每人一个桌子确实有时候会有些浪费。不过目前大多数采用“无固定办公桌”办公方式的都是些大的公司和企业。

Rob: Let's hear some examples of people talking about hot-desking.


  • BBC New Broadcasting House is a hot-desking environment. People just sit wherever there is a free computer.
  • Hot desks should be kept clean and tidy at all times because you don't know who will use them next.
  • Many modern office workers are expected to hot-desk.

Rob: So we heard people using 'hot desk' in three different ways.

Feifei: Yes. 大家要注意 hot-desking 是名词,hot-desk 是动词。

Rob: When you write 'to hot-desk', don't forget 'hot' and 'desk' needs to be hyphenated.

Feifei: 还要注意在书写的时候,动词 hot-desk 和它的名词形式 hot-desking 之间有一个连字符;而用来 hot-desk 的桌子在书写时则不用连字符 hot desk。

Rob: OK, I think that's enough 'hot-desking' for now.

Feifei: Oh wait, Rob. I haven't got a desk today, I need to go and find a hot desk! Bye!

Rob: Good luck! Bye bye.


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