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1. English has borrowed the word 'hygge' from Danish. What does it mean? Here is an example: The hygge of the room was caused by the warm fire and comfy sofas.

a) The danger of a fire hazard

b) A smothering feeling of no air

c) A feeling of great laziness

d) A feeling of cosiness and warmth

2. The expression ‘status quo’ comes from Latin, but what does it mean? Here is an example: Since he didn’t know what to do, he decided to go with the status quo.

a) The existing condition or situation 

b) A radical change

c) An impulsive decision

d) The option requiring the least amount of energy

3. The expression ‘mumbo jumbo’ came to English from Africa, but what does it mean? Here is an example: They say that if you break a mirror, you will have seven years bad luck. I think that’s just mumbo jumbo.

a) Verified fact – scientifically proven with mathematics

b) Nonsense – especially in the context of meaningless speech and false religious ritual

c) Superstition – usually passed down from generation to generation

d) Rumour – especially one people find interesting or shocking

4. 'Schadenfreude' is a German word which came over into English. What does it mean? Here is an example: Watching him fall over was pure Schadenfreude.

a) Embarrassment that something bad happened to a friend 

b) Joy at someone's pain or misery

c) Satisfaction after taking revenge for something

d) An uncontrollable laugh which makes you cry

5. ‘Laissez-faire’ came to English from French and is often used in the context of business, but what does it mean? Here is an example: I’m not sure about the new manager. I’m used to a strict management style. He’s much more laissez-faire.

a) Autocratic – being like a dictator and commanding subordinates

b) Consultative – listening to others, but making the final decision alone

c) Persuasive – convincing others that theirs is the best idea

d) Relaxed – allowing others to do things freely and only offering guidance when asked

6. English borrowed the word ‘macho’ from Spanish, but what does it mean? Here is an example: My last boyfriend was very sensitive. I think I’d prefer someone more macho.

a) Overly melodramatic

b) Somewhat stoic

c) Assertively masculine

d) Having a tendency to brood


1) d, 2) a, 3) b, 4) b, 5) d, 6) c.


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