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1. There is an expression which may have originated from golf meaning ‘focus your attention on the situation at hand’, but what is it?

a) Keep your eye on the ball

b) Aim at the flag

c) Focus on the green

d) Watch for the fairway

2. In golf, if you wish to move to the next empty hole ahead of a group who are playing too slowly, what would you ask them?

a) Excuse me, do you mind if I play round?

b) Excuse me, do you mind if I play across?

c) Excuse me, do you mind if I play through?

d) Excuse me, do you mind if I play over?

3. The expression ‘a hole in one’ relates to sinking a ball into the hole in one shot. But what are the other expressions to describe golf scores (from good to bad)?

a) Double falcon, falcon, tweetie, par, snottie, double snottie

b) Double dragon, dragon, gryphon, par, mucus, double mucus

c) Double turkey, turkey, fowl, par, sneezy, double sneezy

d) Double eagle, eagle, birdie, par, bogey, double bogey

4. In golf par is the standard number of strokes expected to need for any given hole. From this comes the expression ‘that was below par’, which is used in all kinds of situations – not just golf. But what does it mean?

a) That was much better than was expected

b) That was not up to the expected standard

c) That was about as good as was expected

d) That was a total disaster and nowhere near good enough

5. A golf course is 18 holes split into two halves of 9 holes each. But what do golfers call the holes 1-9 and holes 10–18 collectively?

a) The first nine and the last nine

b) The fore nine and the aft nine

c) The front nine and the back nine

d) The beginning nine and the end nine

6. A traditional golf course has 18 holes. But where does the expression ‘the 19th hole’ refer to?

a) the toilet

b) home

c) the golf shop

d) the bar (often in the clubhouse)


1) a, 2) c, 3) d, 4) b, 5) c, 6) d.


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