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桌球、台球运动这些年来发展迅速,玩的方式也变得多种多样 ,无论是 snooker 还是 pool,都越来越受到大家的喜爱。不过你知道英国的桌球游戏有两个母球吗?是不是没想到?让我们一起从下面的六道《英语小测验》题中学习一些源于桌球运动的英语表达吧。

1. In billiards, the expression ‘call the shots’ means to select which pocket the ball must end in. But as an idiom, what does it mean if I say ‘I call the shots’?

a) I talk too much

b) I feel fantastic

c) I know the answer

d) I control the situation

2. If a player strikes the white ball in such a way that it lifts off the table but still remains in the playing area, this is known as a …?

a) bounce shot

b) up-and-over shot

c) flop shot

d) jump shot

3. A game very similar to billiards is snooker. From this game comes the expression ‘I’m snookered’. What does it mean?

a) I’m ready to do something.

b) I’m stuck in a difficult situation.

c) I’m having fun.

d) I’m succeeding in my endeavour.

4. When two billiard balls are touching, billiards players will say: ‘They are __________.’

a) Brushing

b) Poking

c) Kissing

d) Sticking

5. If a player makes a mistake by striking the white ball badly resulting in a bad shot, this is known as a …?

a) miscue

b) badcue

c) poorcue

d) foul

6. When a player succeeds in making a good shot through more luck than skill, it is known as a …?

a) random

b) fluke

c) bust

d) fortune


1) d, 2) d, 3) b, 4) c, 5) a, 6) b.


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