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单词“pub 酒吧”是“public house 公共房屋”的缩略名称。这个场所在英国文化中扮演着重要的角色。比如,“星期日烤肉 Sunday roast”是在酒吧菜单上常见的美食之一。你了解这类食物的英语说法吗?我们在酒吧点餐时,常会听到哪些英语表达?试做六道英语小测验题,考一考自己的相关知识。

1. A popular pub food in pubs in England is fish and chips. Everybody knows this famous combination of food, but what third item is fish and chips traditionally served with?

a) Mushrooms

b) More chips

c) Mushy peas

d) A side-salad

2. When a barperson wishes to take your order, which of these are they not likely to say?

a) What can I get you?

b) What would you like?

c) What can I do for you?

d) What do you want?

3. Another popular and traditional English food which is served in pubs is ‘bangers and mash’. But what is this strange sounding food?

a) Bacon served with a black sauce

b) Another name for fish and chips

c) A type of roast chicken and potatoes

d) Sausages served with mashed potato

4. Many British pubs operate a bar service ordering system. You must go to the bar to order your food and drinks - the waiters don’t take your order. When you tell the barperson ‘I’d like to order some food, please’, what is the first thing that they are likely to say in response?

a) ‘Of course. What’s your table number, please?’

b) ‘Of course. What are you having?’

c) ‘Of course. How old are you?’

d) ‘Of course. Would you like fish and chips?’

5. Another traditional meal that you can order in an English pub is called a ‘ploughman’s lunch’. But what is it?

a) A spit-roasted whole chicken with chips

b) A bowl of warm soup with bread

c) A type of sandwich

d) A cold lunch of cheese, pickles and bread

6. When paying at the bar, you may wish to pay in cash or with a credit card. Which of these sentences are you not likely to hear the barperson say?

a) Would you like to pay by cash or card?

b) Would you like to pay by cash or credit?

c) Would you like to pay in cash or use a credit card?

d) Would you like to pay with cash or plastic?


1) c, 2) d, 3) d, 4) a, 5) d, 6) b.


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