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大家都说偶尔吃点甜食 sweets,会让人变得心情大好。在英语里,我们把正餐的最后一道菜叫 dessert,除此之外,它还有哪些英语说法?英国人对甜食情有独钟,经典的英式甜点有 “果酱松糕 trifles”、“司康饼 scones”、“牛奶软糖 fudge”等等。做本集英语小测验,看你是否掌握了和甜点有关的英语表达。

1. In British English there are many ways to ask someone if they would like something sweet, which is usually served as the final course of a dinner. Which of these is NOT a way to ask?

a) Would you like a dessert?

b) Would you like afters?

c) Would you like followings?

d) Would you like a pudding?

2. British people love dessert. The word ‘dessert’ appears in the idiom ‘to receive your just desserts’. If I say: “He got his just desserts”, what does it mean?

a) He received an unexpected bonus from work.

b) He won the best prize in a competition.

c) He nearly broke up in his relationship.

d) He received the punishment which he deserved for the thing he did wrong.

3. There is a famous dessert served in the UK – it is made of layered ice cream, fruit, cream and meringue and topped with syrup, nuts, whipped cream and an iconic cherry on top. But what is it called?

a) A pyjama awesome

b) A longsocks wonder

c) An underwear triumph

d) A knickerbocker glory

4. Cake is a very popular dessert in the UK. So popular, in fact, that we have an idiom: a piece of cake. If I say: 'That exam was a piece of cake’, what do I mean?

a) That exam was very interesting.

b) That exam was very easy.

c) That exam was challenging.

d) That exam was nearly impossible.

5. American English speakers and British English speakers have a type of sweet snack which is known to American English speakers as ‘cookies’. What would British English speakers call them?

a) Scones

b) Rolls

c) Crackers

d) Biscuits

6. Cheddar is a popular British cheese. It is often served in a cheese platter as a form of dessert at the end of a meal. The cheese platter will include a selection of cheeses. In the context of work, you might hear someone talk about ‘the big cheese’. But what or who is the big cheese?

a) The top boss

b) The secretary

c) A competing company

d) The central computer server


1) c, 2) d, 3) d, 4) b, 5) d, 6) a.


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