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茶在英国的历史并不短,英国人对饮茶文化也非常讲究。过去,下午三点左右是人们饮茶休息的时间,一壶茶配上精致的小点心就是大家熟悉的“英式下午茶 afternoon tea”。本期小测验的问题都源于茶或英式下午茶,来试试看你能答对几道题?

1. English has a long tradition of drinking tea. As a result of this, there are many slang words which are used to talk about tea. Which of these is NOT a British English slang word for tea?

a) Would you like a cuppa?

b) Would you like a brew?

c) Would you like a cup of char?

d) Would you like a cup of the black stuff?

2. It is very common in the UK to serve afternoon tea with biscuits. There is a cultural habit of taking one the biscuits and putting it into the tea very briefly, so that the biscuit absorbs some of the liquid. What verb would a British English speaker use to describe this action?

a) to drop the biscuit into the tea

b) to slip the biscuit into the tea

c) to dunk the biscuit into the tea

d) to pop the biscuit into the tea

3. One of the more famous types of afternoon tea served in the UK, and very popular with tourists, involves tea for two served with a selection of small sandwiches, cakes and biscuits. What is this known as?

a) A royal tea

b) A cream tea

c) A builder’s tea

d) A Queen’s tea

4. In the UK, the word ‘tea’ may not only refer to the popular drink or the plant that it is made from, but something else. What is it?

A) An evening meal. As in: What are we eating for tea?

b) A type of clothing. As in: Do you like this tea? It fits me perfectly.

c) A mode of transport. As in: Shall we take the tea? It’ll be quicker.

d) A type of animal. As in: Last night we saw the biggest tea in the park!

5. When tea is formally served to guests it is traditionally served in a special type of container which keeps the tea warm and holds more than one cup. What is this object called?

a) a tea-kettle

b) a teaflask

c) a teaflagon

d) a teapot

6. Afternoon tea was often served with light snacks including small sandwiches, biscuits and a traditional type of cake, which people covered with cream and strawberry jam. What is this cake called?

a) a tart

b) a muffin

c) a scone

d) a cupcake


1) d, 2) c, 3) b, 4) a, 5) d, 6) c.


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