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1. A British seaside tradition that you'll find on some beaches and that's loved by children is a Punch and Judy show – but what is it?

a) a boxing match

b) a fairground

c) a puppet show

d) a stunt show

2. There's nothing worse than getting sand on your clothes; what can you sit on to avoid this?

a) a deckchair

b) a blanket

c) a sun bed

d) all of the above

3. On the rocky part of the beach, it's fun to go looking for small sea creatures left behind when the tide went out. What do you call this activity?

a) beachcombing

b) rock searching

c) crab fishing

d) rock pooling

4. Which informal expression is used to describe a holiday by the seaside that involves lots of building sandcastles on the beach?

a) a bucket and spade holiday

b) a sand and sea holiday

c) a shirt and shorts holiday

d) a sand builders holiday

5. What other traditional thing is there to do on the beach that children particularly love?

a) go for a boat ride

b) go for a camel ride

c) go for a donkey ride

d) all of the above

6. As well as lying on the beach, it's good to go in the sea – even though the water temperature in the UK can be cold. How do we sometimes describe doing this? 

a) going to get a wet

b) going for a dip

c) going for a chill

d) going to the sea


1) c, 2) d, 3) d, 4) a, 5) c, 6) b.


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