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1. When going out for a picnic, what's a good thing to pack all the food into?

a) a hamster

b) a hamper

c) a hammer

d) a hampper

2. It's good to pack a variety of food in your picnic but which item would you not eat if you were a vegetarian?

a) pork pie

b) scotch egg

c) sausage roll

d) all of the above

3. If someone describes something as being 'no picnic', what do they mean?

a) a feast of picnic food but eaten indoors

b) a difficult situation that's no fun

c) every piece of food has been eaten

d) a waste of time

4. What is a summertime food favourite that every picnic should include?

a) strawberries on cream

b) creamed strawberries

c) strawberries and cream

d) strawberry ice-cream

5. Which type of picnic food can be held in your hand and is called a drumstick?

a) pork

b) cucumber

c) chicken

d) egg

6. Which noun can be correctly used after the word 'picnic' to create a compound noun?

a) basket

b) blanket

c) area

d) all of the above


1) b, 2) d, 3) b, 4) c, 5) c, 6) d.


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