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1. In cricket, what do we call the act of delivering the ball to the batsman?

a) chucking

b) bowling

c) rolling

d) pitching

2. The batsman stands in front of three vertical wooden sticks with two small pieces of wood balanced across the top. What's it called?

a) wickers

b) poles

c) wicket

d) stumped

3. In British English we might say something is 'not cricket' but what do we mean?

a) We're playing another sport

b) It's not as fun as something you were doing previously

c) It's not fair or socially acceptable

d) There's no time to finish the job

4. Cricketers collect 'runs' when they run between wickets but if they hit the ball off the pitch without touching the ground, how many runs do they get?

a) none

b) two

c) four

d) six

5. In cricket, a batsman is 'caught out' when a ball he has hit is caught by someone in the opposing team. This phrase is also used more generally in British English but what does it mean?

a) shown to be doing something wrong

b) trick someone into making a mistake

c) put someone in a difficult position

d) all of the above

6. If a cricket player is out 'lbw', they are no longer allowed to continue playing. What does 'lbw' mean?

a) leg below wicket

b) leg before wicket

c) last ball wasted

d) lost ball wicket


1) b, 2) c, 3) c, 4) d, 5) d, 6) b.


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