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1. Which phrase, used in athletics to mean to start the race too soon, also means to do or say something too soon, before you know that it is suitable or correct?

a) false start

b) jump the gun

c) trip over

d) go it alone

2. Which piece of equipment used in athletics is also a countable noun which means a difficulty that you must solve before you can make progress?

a) javelin

b) baton

c) hurdle

d) pole

3. One athletics event involves seven different disciplines. What this event called?

a) heptathlon

b) triathlon

c) relay race

d) septathlon

4. Of course athletes want to achieve their very best level in their sport and ultimately win a gold medal. When we want to do this in our everyday lives, what do we say we're doing?

a) striking gold

b) winning the gold

c) going for gold

d) all of the above

5. Which word describes an activity that takes a long time to complete and needs a lot of energy and determination and also is the name of a long running race?

a) sprint

b) 400 metres

c) obstacle

d) marathon

6. An athlete is someone who is a good at sports and competes in sports competitions. Which noun describes the strength and skill of running, jumping and throwing and performing well in sport?

a) athletic

b) athleticism

c) athletical

d) athletically


1) b, 2) c, 3) a, 4) c, 5) d, 6) b.


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