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1. At the gym, some people lift weights to build up their muscle strength. What is this sometimes called?

a) pumping iron

b) hitting metal

c) lifting iron

d) muscle pumping

2. Some people spend a lot of time at the gym and are obsessed about improving or maintaining their physique. What are these people often called?

a) gym people

b) gym animals

c) gym bunnies

d) gym sleepers

3. Which piece of equipment used in the gym has the same name as the word used to describe doing a job that is boring, repetitive and makes you feel tired?

a) dumbbells

b) exercise bike

c) treadmill

d) bench press

4. When at the gym, what type of very active exercise should you do to make your heart and lungs stronger?

a) aerobic

b) aerobics

c) aquaerobics

d) isometric

5. Which muscles are being toned when doing chest presses in the gym?

a) biceps

b) pectorals

c) abdominals

d) triceps

6. Many gyms offer group exercise classes to help you get fit. Which of these is an example of such a class?

a) boxercise

b) circuit training

c) Zumba

d) all of the above


1) a, 2) c, 3) c, 4) a, 5) b, 6) d.


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