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很多人都对冰淇淋这种清爽的夏日冷饮情有独钟。没错,在炎炎夏日,要是能吃上一口冰淇淋,既解馋又解暑。巧克力味、草莓味、太妃糖味 — 你知道这些人气口味的英文名称吗?来“尝”试本集《英语小测验》,挑战你对和“冰淇淋”有关的英语说法的了解。 

1. In the UK, a swirly soft ice cream with a stick of chocolate stuck in it, is often referred to as what?

a) A softy

b) A 99

c) A choco-swirl

d) A twirly

2. An ice cream is often served out of a plastic container and put into an ice cream cone. What is each serving often referred to as?

a) a portion

b) a lump

c) a scoop

d) a spoon

3. What do you call ice cream that has lines of raspberry flavouring in it?

a) Ice cream sundae

b) Raspberry delight

c) Red ripple

d) Raspberry ripple

4. What name is given to a type of very sweet drink that consists of ice cream mixed into a fizzy drink?

a) A float

b) A fizz-bomb

c) A cream sundae

d) A milkshake

5. A knickerbocker glory is a layered ice cream sundae that is served in a large, tall, conical glass. But how would you eat it?

a) With a straw

b) With a fork

c) With a spoon

d) With your hands

6. Which of these is NOT a flavour of ice cream?

a) Hokey-pokey

b) Tutti-frutti

c) Neapolitan

d) None of the above


1) b, 2) c, 3) d, 4) a, 5) c, 6) d.


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