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大学新生入学后即会开始紧张的学习生活。英国大学校园里最常见的授课形式就是“讲座 lecture”。下面的题目测试你对和“讲座”有关常识的掌握。

1. When it's time to attend your lecture, where do you need to go to?

a) lecture room

b) classroom

c) lecture theatre

d) all of the above

2. What do you call a class at university in which a small group of students discuss a subject with their lecturer?

a) assignment

b) seminar

c) lecture

d) workshop

3. As part of your university work, you will be set writing work to do about the subject you are studying. What do we call a shorter piece of writing?

a) a dissertation

b) an essay

c) a thesis

d) a paper

4. What is the name of the list of books and articles you are required to read to help you in your studies?

a) a book list

b) a literature list

c) a study list

d) a reading list

5. The verb 'to lecture' someone doesn't just mean to teach someone. What else can it mean?

a) to get someone's opinion

b) to fantasise about someone

c) to pass on some gossip

d) to scold someone about someone or something

6. During your lectures, what might you use your own laptop or tablet for?

a) writing your assignment

b) making notes

c) emailing your friends

d) researching articles


1) c, 2) b, 3) b, 4) d, 5) d, 6) b.


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