Almost too simple to be true

2006-09-18 13:47

A tautology in logic, or rather warped logic, refers to a proposition that is either true by definition, or is necessarily true (which makes its statement redundant).


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2006-09-14 14:54

“中国特色” 通常被译为with Chinese characteristics,但实际上它的翻译方法很多,例如Chinese-style,the Chinese Way,in the Chinese context,China's identity,China-specific,with Chinese features等等。


2006-09-14 14:43

目前,一些书籍和出版物大多采用well off表达“小康”的概念,“全面建设小康社会”的英译虽有不同,但均在well off的基础上扩展而成。例如:building a well-off society in an all-round way;develop the well-off standard of living;bring China into a well-off society of a higher level等等。经研究我们发现,well off的意义相当不确定,用它来表达“小康”的意思并不妥当。

Deja vu all over again

2006-09-14 14:26

"As a reader points out, 'dint of' and 'sheer' are never used together. It is what grammarians call a tautological error."

Gandhi's gambit, again

2006-09-11 15:48

To act like Gandhi is to act upon one's dreams and not to always follow what you call "normal rules.