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1)Hat 帽子

 I never thought that he was such a bad hat.(坏蛋,不老实、不道德的人)

He was talking through his hat. He was even not there when it happened.(说大话,说蠢话)

2)Veil 面纱 Let us draw a veil over what followed. (隐瞒,避而不谈)

3)Collar 衣领 Ah,you arein the collar now. You know marriage has its obligation.(受到约束)

4)Shirt 衬衣

We should keep our shirt on no matter what they would say.(保持冷静,不要冲动)

 In a business like this you can make a lot of money, but you can also lose your shirt.(倾家荡产)

5)Sleeve 衣袖

He knew he could win him, but he kept that card up his sleeve.(别有妙计;留着一手)

Janny’s never made her own decision. She always hangs on her mother’s sleeve.(依赖某人;同从某人)

Tom’s confident attitude makes me believe that he has something up his sleeve. (胸有成竹;已有应急计划)

Hearing the news, the boy laughed in his sleeves.(窃笑;暗自高兴)

He rolled up his sleeves when he came to know he had fallen behind his classmates.(准备大干一场)

6)Pocket 口袋

As soon as he gets a dollar, it begins to burn a hole in his pocket.(滥用钱)

When you get a family you get a lot  chances to dip into your pocket.(付钱,花钱)

 We haven’t signed the contract yet, but wehave the dealin our pocket. (实际占有;在某人控制下)

Since then, he had the girl in his pocket.(任意支配某人)

Under those circumstances, I had toput my pride in my pocket.(忍辱负重)

7)Gloves 手套

It is interesting to watch the couplefighting with the gloves on.(温文尔雅地争论)

The blouse fits me like a glove.(完全适合)

She is one of those who have an iron hand in a velvet glove.(外柔内刚;笑里藏刀)

8)Cuff 袖口

Only when hespoke off the cuff did he establish rapport with his audience.(即席发言)

He is quite familiar with the storekeeper, and always has foods on the cuff.(赊账;分期付款)

9)Button(纽扣) The old man's words are just on the button.(准确无误,中肯)

10)Coat 大衣 You must cut your coat according to your cloth and buy the cheap house that you can afford.(量入为出)

11)Belt 腰带 When the food ran out we had to pull in our belt.(勒紧裤带;忍饥挨饿)

12)Linen 内衣 I don't want to wash my dirty linen in the public.(家丑外扬;揭人隐私)

13) Pants 短裤 Peter was a typical fancy pant at the time.(有女人气的男子;纨绔子弟)

14)Skirts裙子 The only shortcoming of Sam is that he likes a bit of skirt.(喜欢和妇女作伴)


When her husband was out shewore the trousers.(掌权;当家)

Don't believe any trousers.(相信男人)

16)Socks 短袜 If he is hoping to gain promotion he will have to pull his socks up.(鼓劲;下更大决心)

17)Stockings 长袜 She is a total blue stocking, and she sticks to books all day and all night.(才女,女学究)

18)Boots 靴子 When he was late for work he got the boot from the boss. (被开除;被解雇)

19)Shoe 鞋子

The scholar is common as an old shoe.(平易近人;虚怀若谷)

It’s difficult to find someone to fill in the old king’s shoes.(胜任地接替某人的职务)

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