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  Forrest Gump 阿甘正传(精讲之二)
[ 2006-03-22 17:34 ]


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Forrest: Anyway. I guess you could say me and mama was on our own, but we didn't mind. Our house was never empty. There was always folks coming and going. Sometimes we had so many people staying with us that every room was filled with travelers. You know, folks livin' out of their suit cases and hat cases , and sample cases. One time a young man was staying with us and he had him a guitar case.
(Forrest dances as the traveler sings "Hound Dog")

Mrs.Gump: Forrest, I told you not to bother this nice young man.

Elvis Presley: No, that's all right ma'am . I was just showing him a thing or two on the guitar here.

Mrs.Gump: Alright. Supper's ready if y'all want to eat.

Elvis: Yeah, that sounds good. Thank you,ma'am. Say, man, show me that crazy little walk you just did there. Slow it down some. "You ain't nothin' but a hound dog..."

Forrest: I liked that guitar. It sounded good. I started moving around to the music, swingin' my hips. This night, me and mama was out shoppin' and we walked right by Pitsey's Furnature and Appliance store, Guess what... (Elvis was on TV dancing the way that Forrest taught him)

Mrs.Gump: This is not for children's eyes.

Forrest: Some years later, that handsome young man who they called "The King", well he sung too many songs. He had himself a heart attack or something. Must be hard being the king...


1.Folk 听说高频单词,常用名词用法:
A 用来称呼一些人可以翻成人们
Folks, we're ready to start now.
How is your folks?
He can play folk music.

2.livin' out of their suit cases: 这里指经常提着公文包走南闯北的人。

3.ma'am: 它是对女士的尊称,对任何年龄是否结婚一般都可以这样称呼。省去了大家辨别用miss还是mrs的时间。在传统国家只有有一定地位的女士才配有这样的称呼。美国人很爱使用,但这种叫不太正式

4.ain't 是 "am not," "is not," "are not," "have not," or "has not" 的缩读形式,是不正式的语言,只在口语中出现,对出现在文化水平较低的人群中,很多人对此词较为反感。建议大家知道意思就好,避免使用。

5.This is not for children's eyes.:这就是我们常说的少儿不宜。用法很生活化,我们可以把它活用在其他地方,如果你看到一位男士拿着《妇女之友》看的津津有味,你就可以说this is not for men's eyes.如果你在讲话不想让旁边的孩子听到你就可以说this is not for children's ears.


Presley, Elvis (1935-1977), American singer and actor, one of the most popular and influential entertainers of the 20th century. Born on January 8, 1935, Elvis Presley moved with his family to Memphis in September 1948. He attended L.C. Humes High School and after graduation worked as a truck driver in the city. In 1953, on his lunch break, he recorded two songs for his mother at the Memphis Recording Service. These songs brought him a recording contract and launched his rise to fame. Presley is renowned as an early pioneer of rock music, fusing the sounds of country music and rhythm-and-blues influences with what was then the new rock-and-roll style. His unprecedented, electrically charged performances also helped make Presley one of the first mass idols of American popular culture.


猫王,又名the king of rock and roll,是阿甘传奇经历中出现的第一个名人。而影片把他的成功和阿甘紧密地联系在一起,虽然不符合事实但确为影片的娱乐性增色不少。而无论是猫王还是其他在美国历史中充当重要角色的人物,和阿甘打过交道的人似乎都是非死即伤。可是大家仔细观察就会发现,无论阿甘和他们走的多近,对他们的评价总是一笔带过。这也是影片留给我们的思索,对这些人在历史中的作用无论消极还是积极,都只能由我们自己去体会。阿甘则总会说for no particular reason或者for some reason 。阿甘从未对他们有过任何评价,作者在留有余地的同时也希望我们去挖掘更多故事背后的东西,还请大家细细体味。