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1. Forget about Excuses 不要寻找借口
Forget rare exceptions no boss cares why an assignment wasn't done. It's your job to get it done and on time. 上司都会关心为什么分配的工作没有完成,这很少有例外。及时完成工作是你的职责。
2. Don't Aim for Perfection 不要苛求“完美”
Getting it done well and on time is much more important than doing it "Perfectly". 及时把工作做好比做得"完美"重要得多。
3. Carrying Your Share is not Enough 只做份内事是不够的
Bosses value people who do their job and look around for, create or ask for more real work. 上司看重那些不仅做份内事而且主动寻找、创造或要求更多实际工作的员工。
4. Follow Through 自始至终完成工作
Tie up the loose ends of your assignments. Don't wait to be reminded, particularly by a supervisor. 对分配给你的工作做到有始有终,不要等到别人特别是你的主管来提醒你。
5. Anticipate Problems 预见到问题
When your responsibilities depend on input from others, check their plans and their understanding of what you're requesting. 当你的工作有赖于他人的参与时,要核对他们的计划并确认他们明了你的要求。
6. Be Resilient About Problems 坚韧乐观地面对难题
Part of carrying your responsibilities is understanding that unforeseeable failures by others are a routine part of work life. When problems occur, no one is picking on you and you can't excuse it as bad luck. 发生别人无法预料到的失误是工作中常见的事情。理解这一点就是你工作职责的一部分。当问题发生时,不会有人怪罪于你,但你也不能以运气不好作为借口。
7. Don't Take Problems To Your Boss 别把问题留给你的上司
If you lack the authority, come prepared with solutions when you broach the problem. Even though your boss may not use your solutions, you've made an impression as a problem solver - not as a problem collector. 如果你权力有限,在去见上司以前要准备好解决问题的方案。即使你的上司可能不会采纳你的解决方案,也已经给他留下了这样的印象:你是解决问题而不是收集问题的人。
8. Attendance Counts 出满勤
People quickly become aware of who makes an effort to be there and who uses any excuse to miss a day. 从出勤情况可以很快看出,谁在努力工作,谁在寻找理由混日子。
9. Don't Be A Squeaking Wheel 不要难字当头,喋喋不休
Don't be seen as "Here comes a problem". 不要让人见到你就觉得“又来了一个问题”。
10. Don't Carry Grudges 不要嫉妒怀恨他人
You cannot win them all. So don't squander your energy, the goodwill of your allies, and the patience of your boss by turning every issue into a crusade. 你不可能胜过所有的人,因此不要把每个问题都变成争斗,这样就会浪费你的精力,失去同事对你的善意和上司对你的耐心。
11.Choose Your Battles Carefully 慎重选择是否"开战"
Ask yourself: how much difference the problem really makes. Is it worth making an enemy? Do I have a realistic chance of winning? 扪心自问:这个问题到底有多大的重要性?是否值得你为此树敌?我有切实获胜的机会吗?
12. Deal Directly With The Person Who Makes The Decision直接与决策者打交道
Dealing with people with less authority may be easier on your nerves, but you'll be wasting time and effort. 与职权较小的人打交道可能不会使你那么紧张,但这会浪费你的时间和精力。

(上海对外贸易学院通讯员俞敏供稿 英语点津Annabel编辑)

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