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小测验 — 与笑话有关的英语表达


以幽默为主题的节日并不少见。除了我们熟知的愚人节外,还有一个供大家热闹说笑的日子 — 每年7月1日的“国际笑话日”。你了解关于“笑话”的英语表达吗?“幽默感”用英语怎么说?脱口秀演员常讲的“趣闻逸事”叫什么?《英语小测验》为你带来与笑话有关的英语表达。

1. The person who is the subject of a practical joke or a prank is ______.

a) the pot of the joke

b) the butt of the joke

c) the name of the joke

d) the end of the joke

2. If you don’t understand a joke, you can say “______”.

a) I don’t have it

b) I don’t get it

c) I don’t make it

d) I don’t laugh it

3. If a joke is very funny you might laugh so that other people can hear you. This is called ______.

a) laughing outside

b) laughing with sound

c) laughing out loud

d) laughing out noisy

4. Not everyone thinks the same jokes are funny. Not everyone has the same ______.

a) sense of funny

b) sense of laughter

c) sense of humour

d) sense of jokes

5. A joke in the form of a funny story about something that has happened in your life can be called ______.

a) an anecdote

b) a life story

c) a history

d) a narration

6. A joke made with a word which has different meanings is a ______.

a) quip

b) gag

c) pun

d) wisecrack             


1) b, 2) b, 3) c, 4) c, 5) a, 6) c.

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