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小测验 — 与“巧克力”有关的词汇



1. Someone who really likes chocolate can be called a ______.

a) chocotooth

b) chocolove

c) chocophobe

d) chocoholic

2. A block of chocolate is also known as a chocolate ______.

a) bar

b) plate

c) lump

d) rod

3. Which one of these is not a common kind of chocolate?

a) milk

b) dark

c) black

d) white

4. Chocolate ______ cocoa beans.

a) grows from

b) made from

c) comes from

d) produces from

5. A soft, chewy chocolate biscuit is called a ______.

a) brownie

b) chocolatine

c) muffin

d) waffle

6. Before I go to bed I like to have a ______ drink.

a) chocolike

b) chocolatey

c) chocolating

d) chocoly  


1) d, 2) a, 3) c, 4) c, 5) a, 6) b.

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