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小测验 — 与“书”有关的词汇

名人传记、艺术哲学、历史地理…… 你平时喜欢阅读哪类书籍?你知道它们的英语说法吗?如何形容一本书精彩得让你 “爱不释手”?做以下《英语小测验》,测试你对“书籍”词汇的掌握。

1. A book with a soft cover is called a ______.

a) slimback

b) hardback

c) paperback

d) pulp fiction

2. A book containing a made-up story is ______.

a) factual

b) fiction

c) non-fiction

d) non-faction           

3. This part of a book contains information about the book and its writer.

a) dust jacket

b) review

c) preview

d) spine           

4. The person who writes a book is its ______.

a) scribe

b) publisher

c) vendor

d) author

5. This is a great book. I ______.

a) couldn’t pick it up

b) couldn’t put it down

c) couldn’t put it away

d) couldn’t leave it    

6. A book someone writes about their own life is called a(n) ______.

a) biography

b) biopic

c) autobiography

d) profile              


1) c, 2) b, 3) a, 4) d, 5) b, 6) c.

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