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小测验 — 用英语谈论 “填字游戏” 的有关常识



纵横交错的行行列列、巧妙分布的黑白方格…英国人很喜欢这种刊载在报纸上的益智游戏,它就是 “填字游戏 crossword”!你喜欢玩填字游戏吗?你知道哪些和 “猜谜” 有关的英语表达?做六道小测验题,掌握相关的英语小常识。

1. Crosswords are commonly called ______.

a) quizzes

b) puzzles

c) riddles

d) mysteries

2. To get the right answers in a crossword you have to read the ______.

a) tips

b) helps

c) suggestions

d) clues

3. Crosswords are arranged in a pattern of words going ______ and ______.

a) across; down

b) sideways; horizontally

c) vertically; upwards

d) downwards; lengthways

4. Some of the questions contain words that are made by rearranging letters to make different words. What are these called?

a) mnemonics

b) acrostics

c) anagrams

d) word searches

5. The person who writes a crossword is known as the ______.

a) creator

b) setter

c) composer

d) author

6. If you complete a crossword, we say that you have ______ it.

a) solved

b) broken

c) explained

d) unscrambled


1) b, 2) d, 3) a, 4) c, 5) b, 6) a.

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