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小测验 — 表“事与愿违”的虚拟条件句

英语中的第二类虚拟条件句,也被称为第三类条件句,用来谈论原本希望发生,却事与愿违,没能发生的事情,突出表达遗憾和责备的情绪。这类句式的结构句分两部分,第一部分的结构是:If + 主语 + 助动词 had + 动词的过去分词;第二部分的结构是:主语 + would + have + 动词的过去分词;两个部分的先后顺序可灵活调换。做下面的八道题,试试你对这类条件句的掌握程度。

1. If I _______ sick, I would have been able to go to work.

a) hadn’t been being

b) hadn’t been

c) wasn’t going to be sick

d) wasn’t

2. We _______ to that curry restaurant again if they hadn’t changed the menu.

a) will have gone

b) will go

c) would have been going

d) would have gone

3. She would have drowned if she _______ able to swim so well.

a) hadn’t been

b) hadn’t been being

c) wouldn’t have been

d) wasn’t being

4. If you _______ the receipt, you could have got a refund for those jeans.

a) didn’t throw away

b) hadn’t threw away

c) hadn’t been throwing away

d) hadn’t thrown away

5. I would have bought that house if I _______ the money.

a) have had

b) had had

c) had been having

d) will have had

6. The trains _______ running normally if there hadn’t been a strike.

a) will have been

b) will be

c) would be

d) would’ve been

7. If _______ to the after-show party, you would have met the lead actor.

a) you’d come

b) you would’ve come

c) you’d been coming

d) you would’ve been coming

8. The taxi driver would have found the street if _______ his satnav.

a) he’ll have used

b) he would’ve used

c) he’d used

d) he will’ve been using


1) b, 2) d, 3) a, 4) d, 5) b, 6) d, 7) a, 8) c.

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