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Changing Antarctica 南极海洋生物与环境变化




Changing Antarctica 南极海洋生物与环境变化



有关 “survival(生存)” 的词汇


What is the temperature of the ocean around Antarctica?


Antarctica is the most extreme continent on Earth. Few animals can survive the bitter cold. But one Antarctic environment is surprisingly stable - the ocean. But it is cold - minus two degrees centigrade.


Like everywhere else in the world, the Antarctic environment is changing. In some places the water is already warming - a huge challenge for animals that have never experienced any change.


Justin Rowlatt, BBC correspondent
So some of the incredible Antarctic animals are in this tank. Now Anne Todgham is a marine biologist; you've been studying these animals for years…

贾斯汀·罗拉特     BBC 通讯员

Dr Anne Todgham, Associate Professor, University of California Davis
So they have anti-freeze proteins inside of them that keep them from freezing. They have different red blood cells that are in fact not red. They have compensated for the cold, so they can go about their daily lives and actually thrive in an environment that most animals will find very stressful.

安妮·托吉姆博士     副教授     加利福尼亚大学戴维斯分校

The big question for Anne is how well these extraordinary creatures will be able to adapt. The results so far are not promising.


Dr Anne Todgham, Associate Professor, University of California Davis
I am actually pretty worried, I wish the data was wrong, I wish I didn't have to be worried. But you know there are a lot of things that are going to change in the ocean, and these animals are being stressed to their max.

安妮·托奇姆博士     副教授     加利福尼亚大学戴维斯分校

You may wonder why we should worry about the fate of a few unusual species, but the scientists here say we should think of what's happening as a warning. If these animals can't survive in our changing world, what does that say about our future?



challenge (对动物生存的)考验

compensated 补偿了

thrive 茁壮生长

adapt 适应

to their max 达到极限


It's a cold, minus two degrees centigrade.



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