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小测验 — 包含 stand 和 give 的动词短语

动词短语(phrasal verbs)在日常英语会话中使用的频率非常高。掌握一定数量的动词短语不仅能使你的英语口语听起来更自然、地道,也能帮助你更准确地理解他人的话语。这类短语通常由 “动词 + 副词/介词” 构成。比如,动词 “stand” 和 “give” 都可以与不同的介词或副词搭配,组成意思不同的动词短语,如:stand up 站起来;give up 放弃。做小测验,选出最恰当的动词短语来完成下列的八个句子。

1. If you _______ bullies, they will never leave you alone.

a) give into

b) stand up for

c) give up

d) stand up to

2. Never let anyone _______ when you’re trying to be successful.

a) give way

b) stand by

c) give up

d) stand in your way

3. However bad a situation may be, you must never _______ hope.

a) give in to

b) give up

c) stand up to

d) stand by

4. I will _______ you until the day I die. You can trust in me.

a) stand in the way of

b) give up

c) stand by

d) give in to

5. _______ people who can’t fight for themselves and are in vulnerable situations is a human obligation.

a) Giving way to

b) Giving in to

c) Giving up

d) Standing up for

6. If someone tries to intimidate you during an argument, you should _______

a) stand your ground.

b) give up.

c) give way.

d) stand down.

7. The management eventually _______ and increased staff salaries by five percent.

a) stood their ground

b) gave way

c) stood in the way

d) stood by

8. He refused to _______ to the challenges of becoming a writer, and eventually became very successful.

a) stand by

b) give up

c) stand up

d) give in


1) a, 2) d, 3) b, 4) c, 5) d, 6) a, 7) b, 8) d.

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