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单词 “flat” 的五个含义和用法



单词 “flat” 简短好记,它的含义和用法也很多。相信不少人都学过,“flat” 作形容词时有 “平的” 意思,但你知道它还可以作副词和名词用吗?“Feel flat” 可以表达什么情绪?听主持人 Tom 讲解 “flat” 的五个常见含义和用法。


Let's look at some different ways to use the word flat.

As an adjective, flat can mean 'level' – something that doesn't go up or down.

This table is flat.

We can also use flat as an adverb. It refers to something which is lying horizontally.

This book is lying horizontally.
Or: It's lying flat.

When we feel sad, or dull, or we lack emotion, we can say that we feel flat.

I feel flat because I can't go outside today.

As a noun, a flat is also a place we live. We could also say 'apartment'.

I live in a flat in London.

We can also use flat after a period of time to emphasise how quickly something can be done.

This is a short video. You can watch it in one minute flat.


1. “Flat” 作形容词用,可以表示 “水平的,平坦的”。

This table is flat.

This bungalow has a flat roof.

2. “Flat” 作副词用,可以表示 “水平地”。

This book is lying flat.

I have to lie flat on my belly after hurting my back.

3. “Flat” 作形容词用,可以表示 “缺乏热情的,平淡的”。我们可以用 “feel flat” 表示某人 “无精打采;感到无聊;情绪低迷”。

feel flat because my phone doesn't work.

She left me feeling flat with her harsh words.

I think the story of that movie was flat.

4. “Flat” 作名词用,可以表示 “公寓,单元房”,相当于 “apartment”。

I live in a flat in London.

He'd rather live in a house than a flat.

5. “Flat” 作副词用,放在一段时间后,可以表示 “刚刚好,正好”。

You can drive to my house in five minutes flat.

He cooks pancakes in a minute flat.

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