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在消费者对服务感到不满意时,通常可以向商家投诉。用英语投诉时,用哪些句式和词语听起来才更礼貌?哪些单词可以被用来加强语气,突出对某件事情感到 “非常” 不满?看视频,学习用英语礼貌地投诉。


Sometimes we need to complain. But, how can we do this politely and in a British way?

First, we can begin 'would like to' to say what we want.

Hi, I would like to speak to the manager. Yes, I'd like to complain.

We can say 'I am unhappy about' plus a noun phrase.

Yes, I am unhappy about my late delivery.

We can also add 'very' or 'really' to make this stronger.

Yeah, I'm really unhappy about this.

We can also say 'it's unacceptable that' plus a clause.

Yeah, it's unacceptable that my delivery is late.

Remember, don't lose your temper. This means don't 'become too angry'. It's rude to lose your temper. This is good advice – we can say this to people who are angry with us.

Alright! Don't lose your temper.


用 “would like to” 提出 “想要” 投诉。
I would like to speak to the manager.
I'd like to complain.

用 “I am unhappy about + 名词短语” 的结构表示 “我对…不满意”。使用副词 “very” 或 “really” 来加强语气,表示 “非常” 不满。
I'm unhappy about the food.
I'm really unhappy about the food.
I'm very unhappy about the quality of the product.

用 “It's unacceptable that + 从句” 的结构表示 “… 是不能接受的”。
It's unacceptable that you forgot my order.
It's unnacceptable that you expect me to pay for the damaged goods.

注意,不要 “lose your temper(发脾气,发火)”。
stop shouting – don't lose your temper.

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