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单词 account 的常见用法


你可能知道名词 “account” 可以表示 “账户”,但你知道这个词的其它用法吗?短语 “take into account” 和 “account for” 分别是什么意思?听主持人 Phil 讲解 “account” 的常见用法。


1 名词 “account” 可以表示 “记录,账户”,比如 “bank account 银行账户”。

I opened a new account for my savings.

My account has been locked because I forgot the log in details.

2 名词 “account” 还可以表示 “对发生过的事进行的陈述,报告”。

According to his account, it wasn't his fault!

The police has got a detailed account of that old robbery case.

3 搭配 “take something into account” 的意思是 “考虑到”,与 “consider something” 相似。

We need to take into account that he has lied to us before.

I won't raise his rent, taking into account that he has just lost his job.

4 搭配 “account for something” 可以表达 “就...做出解释”。

That pool hasn't been cleaned for a while, that may account for the change of the colour. 

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