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单词 address 怎么用?



名词 “address” 的意思是 “地址,住址”。除此之外,“address” 还可以作动词用,意思包括 “(在信封或包裹上)写上地址”、在正式场合中 “(向他人)讲话,致词” 、“称呼(某人)”。看视频,学习 “address” 的这些用法。


1 名词 “address” 的意思是 “地址”。

What's the address for the party?

I've just sent you the address

2 动词 “address” 的意思是 “(在信封或包裹上)写上姓名或地址”。

Why did you open this letter? It was addressed to me.

We can't find where your parcel is because it was wrongly addressed

3 名词 “address” 搭配 “website” 或 “email”,组成 “website address(网址)”、“email address(邮箱地址)”。

Our website address is

What's your email address?

4 在正式场合中,动词 “address” 可以用来指 “对(一个人或一群人)讲话,致词”;“称呼(某人)”。

The businesswoman addressed everyone in the meeting.

Remember, he likes to be addressed as 'Sir'.

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