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单词 live 怎么用?




“Live” 是我们初学英语时就常见到的单词,它看似简单,用法却不少。我们可以用动词 “live” 表示 “生存”、“居住” 或 “尽情享受生活”,用动词短语 “live off” 或 “live on” 表示 “靠...过活”,用 “live for” 表示 “为...而活”。听主持人 Phil 总结单词 “live” 的常见用法。


1 “Live” 最基础的含义是 “活着,生存”。

Humans need water to live.

2 动词 “live” 可以表示 “居住,住在(某地)”。

I live in London.

They've lived in this house for decades.

3 动词短语 “live off” 或 “live on” 可以表示 “靠...过活”。

That salary is not enough to live off!

I can't cook, so I live on ready meals.

4 动词短语 “live for” 用来表示 “为...而活”。

I live for my family.

I live for the weekend; I love to party!

5 动词 “live” 还可以表达 “尽情地享受充实的生活”。

I need to live, not just work every day in a boring job.

To me, living is eating all kinds of delicious food.

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