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The man turning potholes into works of art 英国男子将路坑变为艺术品


The man turning potholes into works of art 英国男子将路坑变为艺术品



Tim Webb
"Nasa want to return to the Moon in the near future. They've heard about the famous potholes of Orpington and decided that some of the potholes have a remarkable resemblance to moon craters."


Orpington resident Tim Webb has found a creative way to highlight the issue of potholes. He's turning them into art, using the help of some bathtime friends in an attempt to speed up repairs.


Tim Webb
"I post it on various Facebook groups, and I'm amazed at the number of likes I get, sometimes into the hundreds. And people seem to enjoy and understand my sense of humour."


Bromley Council says harsh winter conditions has meant the number of repair jobs has gone up, but it is investing more money into solving the problem.


Tim Webb
"I've used the official channels. There's a system called FixMyStreet, and because I'd been doing this for a while and some of the potholes hadn't been resolved, I decided to try a slightly different approach, which is why I went down this route in particular. To me it's the planning and the preparation – it's all part of it, because I try and tell a story from the particular pothole. And it's something that I suppose I find almost as an intellectual challenge – How can I put the message across in a humorous way, but still make the point that there is a serious issue behind all of this?"

“我通过官方渠道反映了这个问题。有一个名为 FixMyStreet 的系统,我一直在报修,但一些路坑还是没有被填补,所以我决定尝试一种稍微不同的方式,这也正是我特别选用这种方式建议修路坑的原因。对我来说,其中重要的一部分是计划和准备,因为我试图利用每个路坑的特点来讲故事。我发现这对我来说几乎是一项智力挑战:我怎样才能以一种幽默的方式传达信息,同时又能表明幽默背后存在一个严肃的问题?”



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