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How 'rewiggling' a river brought its fish back 环保工作者修复曲流使原生鱼类回归


How 'rewiggling' a river brought its fish back 环保工作者修复曲流使原生鱼类回归


A river coming back to life.


Fish are now breeding in this part of Swindale Beck in Cumbria – in habitat that has been missing for 200 years.


This one kilometre stretch of river was artificially straightened two centuries ago. But conservationists have now set it back on its original meandering course.


The results of this restoration are really starting to show.


Lee Schofield, Senior Site Manager, RSPB Haweswater
"In this little bit of river that we can see here, we've got a fantastic gravel bar. We've got the riffles that we can hear. A little bit further up near one of the meanders, we've got a nice deep pool. So as soon as you get the physical conditions back, the whole kind of food chain seems to reassert itself."

李·斯科菲尔德       英国皇家鸟类保护协会-霍沃斯沃特   自然保护区高级经理

The river was straightened by farmers to reduce the risk of their surrounding hay meadows being flooded.


But that had unintended consequences for nature and for the quality of the water in this landscape.


The slower flowing water is now cleaning itself – depositing sediment on its banks rather than washing it downstream.


The meandering water can now spill out onto its ancient flood plains, so there's less risk of flooding downstream.


But is there space for landscapes to be restored like this and for the surrounding farmland to be productive?


Annabel Rushton, RSPB Haweswater
"Our whole approach here at Haweswater is about showing that conservation and farming can work closely together and mutually benefit each other. Certainly here in Cumbria, there [are] a lot of farmers that we know that are going to this kind of more nature-friendly, sustainable, regenerative models of farming."

安娜贝尔·拉什顿       英国皇家鸟类保护协会-霍沃斯沃特

Do we need more wiggling rivers, then, across the landscape?


Lee Schofield, Senior Site Manager, RSPB Haweswater
"Yeah. Nature really does need chaos, it needs randomness, it needs the freedom to be dynamic. And it needs the potential to be able to change over time. Knowing that we can as a species, kind of, put back, you know, we can restore this stuff, is hugely inspiring."

李·斯科菲尔德       英国皇家鸟类保护协会-霍沃斯沃特   自然保护区高级经理



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