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单词 purpose 怎么用?


“Purpose” 作名词用,可以指 “意图,目的”,还可以指 “决心,意志”。它在搭配 “a sense of purpose” 中是什么意思?副词搭配 “on purpose” 该怎么用?看视频,学习单词 “purpose” 的常见用法。


1. 用名词 “purpose” 指 “意图,目的”。

The purpose of this video is to learn a new word.

What is the main purpose of this research study?

2. 用名词 “purpose” 指 “决心,意志”,可用在搭配 “real purpose(下定决心)” 和 “a sense of purpose(有决心,意志坚定)” 中。

She showed real purpose to complete her course.

To get promoted, you need to show a sense of purpose.

3. 副词搭配 “on purpose” 的意思是 “故意地”,类似于 “deliberately”。

He didn't forget his money – he left it at home on purpose.

She didn't push him on purpose. It was too crowded.

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