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单词 light 的常见用法



高频词 “light” 可作名词、形容词和动词用。名词 “light” 除了用来指光亮外,还可以指哪个生活中常见的物体?在句子 “You can carry the light suitcase.” 中,“light” 的词性和含义是什么?本期一分钟英语总结 “light” 的四个常见用法。


1. 名词 “light” 可以指光亮,日光”。

I woke up early because the light was coming into the room.

Our hallway doesn't have a window, so there's very little light.

2. 名词 “light” 还可以指灯,发光体”。

When the film started, the lights were turned down.

I can't see. Can you turn the light on please?

3. 动词 “light” 的意思是点亮,点燃”。

Let's light our new candle.

When camping, you might light a fire using stones, wood and grass.

4. 形容词 “light” 可以形容物体是轻的”。

Wow, this plate is so light! What is it made from?

You can carry the light suitcase. This one is very heavy.

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