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单词 material 怎么用?


单词 “material” 有两个词性——名词和形容词。作名词时,“material” 指 “(制作物品的)原料,材料”;“纺织面料” 或 “素材”;作形容词时,“material” 常见于搭配 “material world”,不过它的意思可不是 “材料世界”。看视频,学习 “material” 的用法。


1.  “Material” 作名词时可以指 “(用来制作器件或物品的)原料,材料” 。

What material is your water bottle made from? Is it plastic?

To build a house, you'll need to buy materials like stone and bricks.

2. “Material” 还可以指 “(服饰或纺织品的)面料”。

Your scarf is so soft. What material is it?

Towels are made from absorbent material because they need to absorb water.

3. “Material” 作名词,可以指 “(写作中以宣传推广为目的的)素材、资料”。

Your family drama would make really good material for a book.

I'm collecting material for a food documentary. Can I interview you?

4. “Material” 作形容词时的意思是 “物质的”;常与名词 “world” 搭配,“material world” 的意思则是 “注重物质和金钱的世界”。

She cares too much about material wealth.

We live in a material world. Lots of people want the best and latest products.

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