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Would you watch a movie with your dog at the cinema? 你会携爱犬一起去看电影吗?


Would you watch a movie with your dog at the cinema? 你会携爱犬一起去看电影吗?


Some were desperate to find their seats. Others sat patiently through the credits – and one or two, well, they were more interested in the snacks than what was on the screen.

影院内,有些狗狗迫不及待地想找到自己的 “座位”。有些狗狗耐心地坐着看完片尾演职员表,当然也有一些狗狗对零食比对银幕上放映的电影更感兴趣。

But whatever the dogs made of it, all of the owners that came along to this pet-friendly cinema said the idea was brilliant.


Charlotte Bennet and Dolly
"I loved it. And she really likes telly. So, she really enjoyed it. I could tell she was watching the whole movie."


Justin Howard and Kuzya
"Because he's a rescue, we don't like to leave him at home. So he goes to work with us. He goes everywhere, he goes on holiday with us. To see him interact with other dogs and how well behaved he is considering the start in life he [had] fills me with such great immense joy."


Kirstie Wells and Lenny
"It's just amazing having the opportunities, living on my own with Lenny. It is quite difficult for me to sort of go out and do things. So, being able to bring him along is just absolutely amazing."


A cover for the seats, water bowls scattered round the screens and the volume was turned down slightly, so not to scare the smaller dogs.


Cinema City in Norwich also allowed more time after the show for a deep clean in case there was any accidents or if anyone with an allergy turned up to the next screening.  

位于诺里奇的 “Cinema City” 影院加长了场次间隔,以留出更多时间对影厅进行深度清洁,因为可能会有狗狗不小心在影厅内方便,同时也需要清洁整个影厅以确保不会影响下一场观众中可能有过敏症的观众。

Justin Holmes, Manager, Cinema City Norwich
"It's to give accessibility to the owners to come and see the latest films and feel comfortable being able to bring their dogs with them, rather than, and I know this fear of worrying, being at home and worrying for two and a half, three hours while you're away from home."

贾斯汀·霍姆斯     诺里奇 Cinema City 影院经理

Here they plan to have dog friendly screenings every month. So at this cinema, expect to see more pooches when you're purchasing your popcorn. 


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