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This British woman has been helping toads cross the road for 25 years 英国女志愿者帮蟾蜍过马路


This British woman has been helping toads cross the road for 25 years 英国女志愿者帮蟾蜍过马路


Margaret Cooper, Toad Patrol
"They have terrific characters. I just admire them so much."

玛格丽特·库珀     蟾蜍巡逻队志愿者

It's that time of year when toads set off on their travels.


So why do toads cross the road? Well, they're very particular about where they go during mating season. They like to go back to their original breeding ground. So here, they cross from this field, over the road and into the lake.


But with roads comes traffic – and that could spell danger for toads. Cue Margaret on the toad patrol.


Margaret Cooper, Toad Patrol
"It lumbers along, and then, of course, it sits in the road, thinking: 'Ooh, this is quite a nice place to be.' That's not a good idea. So that's why here, during March, they're safe and they can cross without being squashed. We actually reclaim this area for one month of the year for wildlife."

玛格丽特·库珀     蟾蜍巡逻队志愿者

When Margaret first got this road closed 25 years ago, around a thousand toads would cross here every month, but numbers have dwindled.

25 年前,玛格丽特第一次得到批准封闭这条道路,当时每月有约 1000 只蟾蜍从这里穿行,但近年来,蟾蜍的数量已有所减少。

Margaret Cooper, Toad Patrol
"Now, it's probably no more than a hundred or two, which is really worrying. And this is reflected nationally. It's not just here in Oxton. So that's why every bit of help we can give them is really important."

玛格丽特·库珀     蟾蜍巡逻队志愿者

Margaret raises hundreds of pounds to pay for the road closure here. She patrols the area and rescues any toads that may have lost their way.


To mark the 25th anniversary of this toad crossing, Margaret's been presented with her own special sign.

为了纪念蟾蜍在此穿越马路前往繁殖地 25 周年,玛格丽特收到了一块特别的路标,上面印有她的名字。

Rob Trevethik, The AA (British motoring association)
"The work that she has been doing over a period of 25 years, largely raising the money herself to pay for this and looking after these toads, for that period of time, is just incredible."

罗布·特雷维西克     英国汽车协会(The AA)
“玛格丽特孜孜不倦地做志愿工作,一做就是 25 年,主要是她自己筹钱来支付相关费用,帮助蟾蜍安全前往繁殖地,能坚持这么长时间,真是让人敬佩。”

Margaret Cooper, Toad Patrol
"It's just brilliant that we care that much about this tiny, fabulous little creature. I mean, if you have a toad in your hand and it croaks, that's the best thing of all."

玛格丽特·库珀     蟾蜍巡逻队志愿者

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