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China Daily Video News: February 22
[ 2008-02-22 17:45 ]



World bank plans to open more offices in Beijing

The World Bank's director for China, David Dollar, said in an interview with China Daily that it is "exploring" the possibility of establishing more offices in China to facilitate its local programs.

Rogge: Spielberg’s withdrawal won’t harm Beijing Games

International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge says he’s not concerned about Spielberg’s withdrawal from the Beijing Olympics because the Games are stronger than individuals.

Strategic talks to precede Hu's visit to Japan

The eighth Sino-Japan strategic dialogue kicks off in Beijing on Friday. Also this week,

State councilor Tang Jiaxuan arrived in Tokyo Wednesday to pave the road for President Hu Jintao's visit in April.

Rockets blast Cavaliers 9th straight

The Houston Rockets welcomed its ninth consecutive win when it beat the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday. Yao Ming posted 16 points and 14 rebounds for the Rockets.

Fei Fei dies

Hong Kong actress and comedienne Lydia Shum Tin-ha, fondly called "Fei Fei" or "Fatty Shum", died of liver cancer on Tuesday at the age of 60. Government officials and artists who knew Shum mourned her death.

FINA Diving World Cup held at Water Cube

The FINA Diving World Cup was held in Beijing this week at the National Aquatic Center, or Water Cube.

Teenage diver Chen Ruolin won the women’s 10m platform on Wednesday while compatriot Wang Xin came in second, Mexico third.

The men’s synchronized springboard was awarded to Wang Feng and Qin Kai, while Russia and Canada came in second and third respectively.

The 16th FINA Diving World Cup continues until February 25 and is an Olympic qualifier.

Lantern festival marks end of Spring Festival

The Chinese lunar new year celebrations ended Thursday night with the Lantern Festival.

It’s celebrated on the 15th day, the first full moon of the year. People eat yuanxiao or glutinous rice flour dumplings made with sweet or savory fillings.

Residents also look at lantern displays, some of which have puzzles and riddles for them to solve.

It was also the last night people are allowed to set off fireworks, lighting up the sky with colorful explosions.

Inflation and appreciation of yuan hits new high

Rising food prices pushed China’s inflation to an 11-year high in January. The Consumer Price Index hit 7.1 percent last month.

The recent snowstorms may have led to the increase in food prices as the severe weather destroyed crops and made it difficult to transport food around the country.

The yuan was also revaluated and rose 1.6 percent against the US dollar in January, the fastest monthly gain since China de-pegged it from the greenback in 2005.

Fidel Castro quits

Fidel Castro resigned as Cuba's president this week after nearly a half-century in power. He said he would not accept a new term when the new parliament meets on Sunday.

The announcement effectively ends the 49-year rule of the 81-year-old Castro, and makes it possible for his 76-year-old brother Raul to succeed him.

Castro rose to power in 1959, reshaping Cuba into a Communist state. He survived assassination attempts, a CIA-backed invasion and a missile crisis.

Chang’E I meets lunar eclipse

People in North America, Europe and Africa were able to watch the lunar eclipse on Wednesday night.

This affected operations of China’s satellite, Chang’ E I, for two-and-a-half hours, as it depends on the sun for energy.

Confucius family tree to be unveiled

An updated family tree of Confucius and his descendants will be published next year, to coincide with the 2,560th birth anniversary of the great sage.

The actual numer of Confucius descendants living across the world is more than 3 million, 2.5 million of which are on the Chinese mainland.

Pregnant tigress released

A pregnant tigress was released into the Sundari Kati River, south of Kolkata, India on Tuesday.

Forestry workers rescued the animal on Sunday after it was stoned and badly beaten by frightened villagers.

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