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China Daily Videonews May 23
[ 2008-05-23 18:28 ]




Tents needed the most

President Hu Jintao visited two tent manufacturers in Zhejiang Province, urging them to produce as many tents as possible.

About 400,000 tents have been distributed and the Ministry of Civil Affairs said they need about 3.3 million tents in total.

Premier Wen back in Sichuan

On Thursday Premier Wen Jiabao returned to Mianyang, one of the worst-hit cities in the quake.

He flew in a helicopter to Beichuan County to inspect the situation at one of the largest “quake lakes”, which formed when rivers were blocked by landslides.

 China fights to prevent epidemics

As the summer draws near, the quake-hit regions are facing pressure to prevent epidemics.

According to the Ministry of Health, about 45,000 medical workers are in all quake-hit towns and counties in Sichuan. They have distributed disinfectants and bactericides.

Taking care of the dead

About 80 percent of the bodies found in the earthquake have been either cremated or buried to pre-empt the outbreak of disease.

Unidentified bodies are photographed and their body tissue is collected for DNA tests.

 Government funds for survivors

The State Council ordered government departments to cut spending by 5 percent this year to free up money for quake reconstruction.

The money will be used for a 70 billion yuan fund to help survivors of the May 12 earthquake.

Also, families who lost loved ones will receive 4,000 yuan for each victim.



National mourning for quake victims

On May 19, China began a three-day national mourning period for the victims of the earthquake.

At dawn, the flag at Tiananmen Square was raised at half-mast, as were all Chinese flags across the country.

Then at 2:28pm, the exact time when the earthquake struck a week ago, people stood for three minutes in silence to remember the victims.

For the three days, no public entertainment was allowed and television shows were either cancelled or concentrated on news about the earthquake.

World mourns for China

Many leaders around the world  expressed their sympathy for the quake victims.

On May 19, ambassadors and diplomats from over 150 countries and international organizations paid their respects by visiting the Foreign Ministry in Beijing.

They spoke with Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, expressing their support for the Chinese people, and signed condolence books.

Many countries have offered aid and expertise in helping with quake relief efforts.

The international community has donated over $246 million in aid.

Quake hero

There are many people who did their utmost to save others during the earthquake disaster.

One of them was teacher Tan Qianqiu.

The 51-year-old was a teacher at a middle school in Hanwang.

Monday’s earthquake buried some 200 students.

But when rescuers went through the rubble, they found he had shielded four students with his own body.

He did not survive, but the students did.

He leaves behind a wife and two daughters.

International aid relief

Italian and Japanese medical teams have arrived in Sichuan to help with relief efforts.

On Wednesday, a Japanese rescue team returned to Tokyo after spending six days trying to find survivors. Russian, South Korean and Taiwanese search and rescue teams are still in the quake-hit areas.

Countries like Australia, Germany, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Norway and Japan have offered relief materials as well as money.

Items include heavy machinery for cutting and lifting, as well as medicines, tents, milk powder, clothing and blankets.



The thread of life amid debris of destruction

Out of the rubble, new life has begun in Sichuan.

Since the earthquake, 22 babies have been born, bringing much needed hope to the survivors.

Many young children have also miraculously survived the quake and are receiving medical attention.

School begins again for students

Some students in quake-hit areas have resumed class again in open areas or in tents.

The college entrance exams in Sichuan will be delayed to give students more time to prepare.

A team of psychologists from Beijing is helping young people in Mianyang deal with post-traumatic stress disorder, caused by the May 12 quake.

Olympians visit quake-hit area

Olympic champions have gone to Sichuan to cheer up the children in quake-hit areas.

Table tennis queen Deng Yaping, short-track speed skating champ Yang Yang and diving diva Gao Min distributed basketballs and volleyballs to the children.

Deng hopes the spirit of sports will help the young victims get back on their feet quickly.


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China Daily Videonews May 23

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China Daily Videonews May 23

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