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China Daily Video News June 27
[ 2008-06-27 18:24 ]




Meet in Beijing Cultural Festival opens

President Hu Jintao and his Greek counterpart Karolos Papoulias attended the opening of the “Meet in Beijing 2008 Arts Festival”, with the theme incorporating the Olympic Games.

Papoulias is in China for a four-day visit and said the Games promotes peace, development and friendship in the world.

Tibet re-opens to foreign tourists

Tibet welcomed its first batch of foreign tourists on Wednesday, after a hiatus of more than three months following the March 14 riots in Lhasa.

According to the Tibetan tourism bureau, the region has now restored all its attractions.

Beijing welcomes disabled ethnic minority children

Fifty-six disabled children from 13 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China are in Beijing to see the preparations for the Games.

During the five-day tour they watched the flag-raising ceremony at Tiananmen Square, Olympic venues and received gifts including hearing aids.

US students arrive for Olympics training

On Monday Beijing began training 24 American student volunteers in media operations for the Olympics with a week-long course on Chinese culture at Tsinghua University.

The students, from the University of Iowa, are learning about China’s history, culture, environment, economy, media and ethnic minorities, as well as touring the city.

After this, they will join the other 292 overseas volunteers for training by BOCOG.

S Korea resumes US beef imports

South Korea resumed US beef imports Thursday, which sparked street protests and caused a crisis for the government.

The United States and South Korea reached a private-sector deal to restrict trade in US beef to cattle under 30 months old and to forbid exports of parts that are thought to pose a higher risk of mad cow disease.


President Hu inspects Olympics preparations

Chinese President Hu Jintao rode the Beijing metro system on Wednesday to test the capital’s transport preparations for the Olympics.

He stepped onto a China Railways High-speed train that shuttles between Beijing South Railway Station and Tianjin.

The inter-city shuttle will transport Olympic spectators, athletes and other passengers during the Games. Tianjin will hold preliminary football matches.

After arriving in Dongzhimen, Hu test rode the new line to Beijing Capital International Airport.

He also inspected the main tower of the airport which handles thousands of flights daily.

Typhoon Fengshen hits Philippines, South China

Tropical storm Fengshen brought more rain to southern China this past week.

On Wednesday morning the typhoon made landfall in Shenzhen and was downgraded to a tropical storm.

Schools and colleges in Hong Kong were closed for the day, and markets, including the stock exchange, were not reopened until after the city’s highest storm alert was lowered.

Shenzhen also ordered all primary and middle schools closed. Meteorologists say the city received 200mm of rain in just two days.

On the weekend Fengshen wrecked havoc on the Philippines, overturning a ferry that carried over 800 people on board. As of Thursday, 56 survivors have been found, 124 bodies recovered.

Cross-Straits flights start July 4

Eleven airlines -- six from the mainland and five from Taiwan -- will operate 36 cross-Straits flights each week from July 4, reflecting an agreement to expand charter flights.

The accord was signed earlier this month when the Taiwan-based Straits Exchange Foundation chairman Chiang Pin-kun visited the mainland.

Every weekend, flights will operate between five mainland cities and eight Taiwan destinations.

China Eastern Airlines started selling tickets for weekend charter flights from Shanghai to Taipei on June 20.

The carrier is charging 3,700 yuan ($528.60) for a round trip of economy-class flight, including taxes.

Japanese destroyer docks in Zhanjiang

A Japanese navy ship arrived at the Zhanjiang military port on Tuesday in Guangdong Province.

It was the first time a Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force vessel visited China.

Shenzhen, a missile destroyer and the first Chinese ship to visit Tokyo last November, led the Japanese ship Sazanami, into port.

China staged a welcoming ceremony of unusually high level for the Sazanami.

The ship delivered quake relief supplies including 300 blankets and 2,600 emergency food items.

The Sazanami invites local residents to come visit the ship.


Pig is latest quake survivor

Zhu Jiangqiang is one amazing pig. It was found 36 days after the May 12 earthquake, weak, but still alive.

The pig, which previously weighed 150 kilograms, had lost two-thirds of its weight when it was found. It seems to have survived on a diet of charcoal and water.

He was sold to a museum curator who promises to look after Zhu as long as it lives.

Germany, Spain in Euro 2008 finals

Spain and Germany will go head-to-head in the final of the  Euro Cup.

Spain stunned Russia 3-0 in a rain-soaked match.

Substitute Cesc Fabregas assisted Xavi Hernandez with the hat-trick along with goals from Daniel Guiza and David Silva.

Meanwhile, Germany had a 90th minute goal from Philipp Lahm to beat Turkey 3-2.

Kung Fu Panda in China

The animated film about a chubby panda learning martial arts kicked into high gear with opening day exceeding 10 million yuan ($1.4 million) in China.

It features the voices of Jack Black, Jackie Chan, Dustin Hoffman, Lucy Liu and Angelina Jolie.

The film has grossed close to $120 million in the United States since its premiere on June 6.

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