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China Daily Video News Oct 10
[ 2008-10-10 18:06 ]


Earthquake shakes Tibet

An aftershock measuring 5.4 on the Richter scale jolted Dangshung County in southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region on Wednesday night.

It followed Monday’s 6.6 magnitude earthquake and 5.2 magnitude aftershock.

So far 10 people have been reported killed and over 30 injured, with no major damage reported.

Chinese American wins Nobel Prize

Two Americans, one of Chinese origin, and a Japanese scientist won the Nobel Prize in chemistry on Wednesday.

Americans Roger Tsien and Martin Chalfie, and Japan’s Osamu Shimomura discovered and developed a glowing jellyfish protein that revolutionized the ability to study disease and normal development in living organisms.

Thai deputy PM quits

Thai Deputy Prime Minister Chavalit Yongchaiyudh resigned on Tuesday after more than 380 people were injured in street clashes with police as campaigners intensified their four-month bid to unseat the government.

Some protestors were badly injured, prompting Chavalit to quit as he had earlier told police to exercise restraint.

His resignation was a further blow to Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat’s efforts to end the long-running crisis.

Lehman CEO gives testimony

Lehman Brothers disgraced Chief Executive Richard Fuld told a hearing at Capitol Hill in Washington that he took full responsibility for his actions that led to the downfall of the 158-year-old investment firm.

Federal prosecutors in New York are investigating whether Lehman executives misled investors in an upbeat conference call on September 10, the day market conditions reduced Lehman’s balance sheet by $200 billion.

Five days later Lehman filed for bankruptcy.

In-depth News

Asian markets usher in Black Friday

Shortly after opening this morning, asian stock markets plummeted shortly usuering in what may yet be a Black Friday.

The drop followed the New York Stock Exchange’s dismal performance on Thursday, dropping over 600 points, to end a massive 40 percent lower than it’s highest point a year ago today.

As of 10 am Friday Beijing time, the Japanese Nikkei has plunged nearly 10 percent, after dropping as much as 11 percent shortly after opening, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng is down over 8 percent the same as South Korean Kopsi.

On Wednesday China followed other major economies and cut its benchmark interest rates by 0.27 percent in an attempt to anchor its sliding economy.

The rate cut should help prevent economic growth from declining, as it is believed the global financial turmoil will further cut into world growth, which in turn will reduce demand for Chinese exports.

On Thursday, China’s markets had also dropped but not as drastically as other global markets.

Limits set on melamine levels

Chinese authorities set limits on melamine levels in milk and associated food products on Wednesday in an attempt to ally continuing fears of contaminated milk products.

The limits of 1 mg per kg for infant formula, and 2.5 mg per kg for other dairy products including liquid milk, are said to be in line with international standards recognized by the World Health Organization.

An official from the Chinese health ministry explained that it’s almost impossible to keep levels of melamine at zero as small amounts of the chemical can leak from packaging into milk and other food products.

Round two of the US Presidential debate

Post debate polling suggests that American voters believe that Barak Obama again defeated John McCain in the second of three presidential debates.

According to a CNN poll, 54 percent of Americans thought Obama won the debate compared with 30 percent who favored McCain.

Meanwhile a CBS News poll put the figures at 40 percent for Obama and 26 percent for McCain.

The two candidates traded many blows as they clashed over the economic crisis, something that will certainly continue as both candidates head back to the campaign trail.

Other News

Chinese diver sets record

A Chinese diver has earned himself a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

On Tuesday Di Huanran dove from the Diaoshuilou waterfall at Jingpo Lake in Heilongjiang Province.

The 51-year-old nicknamed The Best Diver in China, set a Guinness World Record for his dive.

Dubai plans to build tallest tower

Although Dubai has almost completed the world’s tallest building, the emirate is now embarking on an even more ambitious skyscraper – one that will stand more than one kilometer high.

The tower, which will take more than a decade to complete, will have more than 200 floors and about 150 elevators.

O.J. Simpson goes to jail

Thirteen years to the day after O.J. Simpson walked free after he allegedly stabbed and slashed his ex-wife and her friend to death, the former football star and actor was jailed for kidnapping and robbery.

A jury found him guilty for storming a hotel room and holding people at gunpoint and making off with some collectibles.

Simpson faces the possibility of life in prison.

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