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Repo Men《重生男人》精讲之二

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Repo Men《重生男人》精讲之二

Frank: You're killing me, coming in the front like that. I got guys trying to make sales out there, I don't need you on the floor spooking clients, all right? We want them buying, not thinking. Six paid-in-fulls this week. You know what that means?

Remy: No. What, Frank?

Frank: They see you, they start turning down the loans and coming up with the cash. We don't make money when they pay in full. Right, pal? What do you got?

Remy: Liver.

Frank: What's that?

Remy: Liver.

Frank: What, are you hanging out at AA meetings?

Jake: Day's count, give it up, buddy. What's the magic number?

Remy: Not today, Jake.

Jake: Wrong answer.

Remy: Jake Freivald kicked my ass in the fourth grade. It wasn't exactly fair, seeing as he was in the fourth grade for the third time. Maybe he didn't appreciate the rhyme scheme. But he had to admire an aspiring writer who could give as good as he got. After the war, a job at the Union was a perfect match for our specialized skill-set. The recruiter told us we were protecting America's medical establishment. We didn't care who we were protecting. Fuck!

Frank: Hey, come on. Come on, come on.

Jake: Here you go! Two livers and a Jarvik!

Frank: You got to stop nicking these bar codes, Jake!

Jake: Won't happen again, boss! You okay, man? You okay?

Frank: I'm working with fucking children.

Jake: Come on, let's go hit a few.

Remy: Yeah, all right. I've got to tell Carol.

Jake: Of course you do.

Carol: So, did you talk to Frank today? About moving over to sales?

Remy: No, I didn't get a chance.

Carol: What? You mean when you were standing next to him?

Remy: Right. Right, I'll talk to him on Monday.

Carol: You know, you're turning me into a horrible, naggy bitch.

Remy: You always are a horrible, naggy bitch.

Carol: Just get him out of here.

Remy: See you later.

Carol: Yeah.

Remy: Come on.

Jake: That went well. Maybe next time she'll crochet you a set of balls. What do you think?

Advertising: Come test-drive the most advanced neural sensory replicator, The Union's M.5 Neural Net. Sweet dreams are made of these. Stay super dry.

Jake: You know what this is about, right? It's about control. She's trying to control you. I mean, you got to move from Repo to sales, that's like cutting your pay in half, man. Half.

Remy: She thinks sales is more stable. Nine to five, no late nights. I'll be home more often.

Jake: Buddy, you and me, we're always gonna be Repo. Check out fatty. You know his organs went out a long time ago. Twenty bucks says he's overdue.

Remy: Yeah, I'm in. 20 bucks. Deadbeat?

Jake: Almost. Pancreas. Two days.

Remy: Oi! How's your pancreas holding up?

Fatty: I sent the money in this morning.

Remy: You better hope you did. 48 hours, your organ's mine. Slow down, mate. You're gonna need a new heart, as well.

Repo Men《重生男人》精讲之二

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. spook: 吓唬。请看例子:The amusement park spooks its visitors with ghosts.(这家游乐场用鬼怪形象吓唬游人。)

2. paid-in-full: 全额付款。

3. turn down: 拒绝。看一下例子:She turned him down; she won't marry him.(她拒绝了他的求婚;她不肯嫁给他。)

4. come up with: 准备好(钱等)。请看例子:You must come up with the money by tomorrow night.(你明晚之前必须准备好钱。)

5. AA meeting: 戒酒者聚会。AA: Alcoholics Anonymous

6. kick one's ass: 教训某人一番,给某人一点颜色看看。

7. skill-set: 综合技能。

8. nick: 使有破损。例如:He nicked the razor.(他弄缺了剃刀刀口。)nick还有“恰好赶上”的意思,例如:We nicked the last bus.(我们刚好赶上末班公共汽车。)

9. naggy: 唠叨的。

10. Repo: 回收员。

11. check out: <口>看看,试试。例如:You should check out that new movie. It's great.(你应该看看那部新电影。很棒的。)

12. go out: 停止运转。影片中杰克指那个胖子的器官很早以前就罢工了,也就是换上了人造器官。go out还有“过时”的意思,例如:Short skirts have gone out.(短裙已不流行了。)

13. deadbeat: 赖账者;赖债不还的人。



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