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Lost and found 失而复得

Bob Russell was reunited with his beloved Austin Healey after 42 years.


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美国一位男子与他被盗的跑车重新团聚。Bob Russell 最后一次见到他的车是近42年前,盗贼趁他外出时从他位于费城的家里偷走了这辆跑车。他是怎样找回心爱的车?请听BBC记者 Janet Barrie 发回的报道:

Bob Russell says he never gave up the search for his beloved 1967 Austin-Healey. One day in 1970, when he was a student in Philadelphia, he came home after a night out with the woman who's now his wife, and realised his car had vanished. Nearly 42 years later Mr Russell was browsing the online marketplace eBay when he spotted something familiar.

All these years he'd kept the car's papers and keys. He searched them out, and saw the vehicle registration number on the website matched the one on the title certificate of his long-lost sports car. He told the police, who tracked the car down to a dealership in Los Angeles, and confirmed it was indeed Bob Russell's Austin-Healey.

Mr Russell said he paid $3,000 for it in 1967 - and it's now worth eight times that much. He says though it wasn't the money that made him to search for it for over four decades - what mattered was the sentimental value it held for him and his wife.

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