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Work stress 工作与精神压力

Too much work with little control over it can lead to serious health problems.


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欧洲一项研究显示一方面工作压力大,另一方面自己又无法左右,这两者加在一起可以导致致命性的疾病。在医学杂志《柳叶刀》上刊登的这项报告指出,工作上的精神紧张会增加一个人患心脏病的可能。BBC记者 Gallagher有以下报道:

Too much work, too little time and no freedom to make decisions can lead to a form of stress known as job strain. It can appear in any profession, but is more common in lower skilled jobs which can combine tough workloads and little responsibility.

The analysis looked at data from nearly two hundred thousand people in thirteen European countries. It found that those in high strain jobs were twenty three per cent more likely to have had a heart attack or to have died from coronary heart disease. However, smoking, not exercising or having an unhealthy diet all have a much greater impact on the heart.

Agencies, such as the British Heart Foundation, said stress at work was often unavoidable, but people in high stress jobs could target risks to their heart in other areas of their lives.

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