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Armstrong's confession 阿姆斯特朗承认服禁药

Armstrong admitted, to talk show host Oprah Winfrey, that he had used performance-enhancing drugs

前环法自行车赛冠军兰斯·阿姆斯特朗近日亲口承认自己曾服禁用药品来提高比赛成绩。阿姆斯特朗在接受奥普拉·温弗里的采访时承认自己在19992005年间的7次参赛过程中都使用了禁药。请听BBC记者 Ben Wright 来自华盛顿的报道:


The confession took a long time to come. Despite being stripped of his Tour de France titles last year following a doping investigation, Lance Armstrong always denied cheating.

But he had been lying. The 41-year-old American cyclist told Oprah Winfrey he used performance-enhancing drugs in every Tour de France contest he won.

He took banned substances and used blood transfusions to boost his performance. Without them, he said, it wouldn't have been possible to win.

Armstrong said he kept repeating "one big lie" and conceded that his admission would be "too late" for most people. "All the fault and all the blame lies with me," Lance Armstrong said.

But he claimed his actions had not felt like cheating at the time and denied having pressurised other members of his team to dope.

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