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Horsemeat scandal 马肉丑闻

Horsemeat or beef?

在经过一系列检测后,罗马尼亚政府否认其本国两家屠宰场“挂牛头卖马肉”。以下是 BBC驻巴黎记者 Christian Fraser 于2月11日发回的报道:


It is a convoluted supply chain involving Dutch and Cypriot agents, two French processing companies and Romanian abattoirs. But where in that complex network did horse become beef?

The investigation is focused on the paperwork, the export documents which should certify what kind of frozen meat was being transported. In Romania two of the 35 European approved abattoirs were involved: one that deals only in horses has now been cleared – the other, some 450km from Bucharest, slaughters both cattle and horses and remains part of the inquiry.

In France, where six supermarket chains have withdrawn products, the Prime Minister has called an emergency meeting.

The Romanian President is also deeply concerned. "I hope the false labelling of meat does not come from this country," he said. "False labelling for financial profit would harm Romania's credibility for years to come - with serious implications, he added, for our export market."

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