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Meteor hits Russia 陨石袭击俄罗斯

The meteor partially burned up as it approached the Earth's surface.

在俄罗斯车里雅宾斯克州坠落的陨石已经造成 1000 多人受伤。以下是 BBC 驻莫斯科记者 Daniel Sandford 2 15 日发回的报道:


Eyewitnesses describe seeing a fireball curving through the clear sky, and an extremely intense light as it passed overhead.

It seems to have been a meteor, and left a white condensation trail behind it. A couple of minutes later there was a loud bang.

The shockwave from the blast blew out windows across the region round Chelyabinsk in the Ural mountains.

People who'd rushed to look out and see what was happening were injured by flying glass.

Everyone went outside to check their neighbours were OK, and the mobile phone network collapsed, briefly overwhelmed by the volume of calls.

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