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On the Town 都市掠影
Brick Lane 布里克巷
[ 2009-01-09 15:56 ]


Brick Lane 布里克巷

BBC producer, Finn, relaxes at the beach in Brick Lane
Finn: Hi, I'm Finn. Welcome to 'On the Town' from BBC Learning English.

Chen Li: 大家好,我是陈鹂。我们这个节目,是要带领大家去参观了解伦敦最有名的景点和一些令人流连忘返的地方。 So where are we today Finn?

Finn: Well, today we've come to London's East End, to a very famous lane. It's a place, where you can find a real mix of different things - authentic curry...

Chen Li: 原汁原味的咖喱。

Finn: The latest funky fashion designs…

Chen Li: 最时髦的流行时尚设计。

Finn: And even a beach!

Chen Li: 甚至还有沙滩。

Finn: Today we’re in Brick Lane.

Chen Li: Brick Lane 布里克巷。 Brick 的意思是砖头,砖块,这里原来是生产制作砖块的地方。 But did I hear you say curry Finn? 恩,我想我闻到香料食品的美味了。

Finn: Brick Lane is the heart of London's Bangladeshi community.

Chen Li: 这里的很多居民都是来自印度的邻国孟加拉 Bangladesh.

Finn: And there over 60 curry restaurants on both sides of the lane with some mouth-watering South Asian dishes.

Chen Li: 这里有很多让人流口水的南亚洲美食。

Finn: Are you feeling hungry Chen Li?

Chen Li: 我可以待一会儿再吃,不过现在我倒是先想去看看这里的商店。 Finn, I'm sure you can wait until dinner!

Finn: Well, yes, I guess I can wait for my curry! Let's go into this shop here and have a look at what a young designer called Jessica is selling.


The colour of the bag is red and it's got individual little ponies on it, and they're all in bright primary colours which attract one's eye. It's a square bag and it's got a little handle on it, and it's got a zipper that goes all the way round like a sandwich.

Chen Li: 这个手袋很时髦,正好可以装我的化妆品。 Jessica 说这个手袋有不同的小马驹图案, little ponies 小马驹;全部是主色调的 primary colours.

Finn: It also has a little handle...

Chen Li: 有一个小提手。

Finn: And a zipper...

Chen Li: 拉链。

Finn: Which goes all the way round. So it looks like two square slices of bread, one on top of the other – almost like a sandwich.

Chen Li: I think it's great! 我要去买一个。

Finn: Now you've got your sandwich-shaped bag Chen Li, can we go and eat?

Chen Li: 说实话,购物之后,我现在最想的就是放松一下,在阴凉的地方来一杯饮料是最好不过了。

Finn: Well, I know the perfect place. Fancy a drink on the beach?

Chen Li: How can you have a beach in the middle of a city?

Finn: Well, Brick Lane is home to London's first city beach, with real sand imported from Jamaica...

Chen Li: 从牙买加进口的沙粒。

Finn: And big shady palm trees...

Chen Li: 还有遮荫的棕榈树。

Finn: And it has a bar selling refreshing cold drinks. Andrew is a regular to the beach, and explained why it has become so popular.


People come here, they like to have a drink of beer, sit down in the sun on a deckchair, get that beach feel, and there's music playing in the background as well. It's open to families as well. Often Sunday mornings you'll get parents bringing down their kids.

Chen Li: Andrew 说人们到这里来体验沙滩的感觉。 The beach feel 是一个十分口语的表达。中间的词语也可以用其他的词来替代 ,描述一种类似的感觉。

Finn: Yes, you could say, for example, a really new kitchen has a modern feel, or you could say the restaurants in Brick Lane have a very authentic feel.

Now finally we can eat some tasty curry. I want some Chicken Tikka Masala!

Chen Li: 听起来不错,那么咱们就找家餐馆,尝尝它的美味。我可是要问问服务员 Tikka Masala 究竟是什么食品。


Tikka Masala is a medium spice curry, it comes with barbequed chicken lamb or prawn, it depends what you want it with. And then they do it with the sauce, gravy sauce with medium spice, creamy, bit of coriander, coconut cream.

Chen Li: Tikka Masala 不是很辣 a medium spice curry, 是由烤肉制成的,比如鸡肉,羊肉,还有对虾,当然还少不了调味的辣酱; The sauce is creamy, 调味酱是糊状的,同时还有香菜 coriander, 椰奶 coconut cream, 哎呀,我有些迫不及待了。

Finn: Curry is so popular in the UK that some people now call it the national dish.

Chen Li: 英国国餐。你的意思是说,如今它已经取代了英国有名的炸鱼暑条,排在了第一位?

Finn: Well, actually I still enjoy fish and chips! That's all for this week’s 'On the Town' from BBC Learning English.

Chen Li: 希望大家通过和我们一起游览 Brick Lane, 并且学到了更多有用的词汇和表达。

Finn: Don't forget you can visit our website any time to help you improve your English.

Chen Li: 是的,地址是 www.bbc.co.uk/china, 然后点击 Learning English.

Finn: Bye.

Chen Li: See you next time. Bye!


Brick Lane 布里克巷



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