I know who I am(原创)

I was always confused about the definition of maturity and one of my best friends told me that the word "responsibilit" was quiet the equivalent. It does make sense to some extent. Nevertheless, according to this perspective, once we have grown up, we're obligated to finish the errands. It sounds like that we have to do some things, even reluctantly. Is the process of mature really that awful and full of torturing? Isn't that against the essence of life, part of which is universally acknowledged as happiness?

Having been seen the American opera heroes, I am so impressed by the question one of the heroines named Clair after finding herself had some "supernatural power" that people around her didn't have asked herself ,"who am I?". On my part, not only that power enables her to realize the distinction between herself and the others, but also guides her to the life she want to have, try hard for and enjoy eventually, although that power also brings her the nightmare at the very beginning. So when it comes to mature, I believe it's significant to know who yourself are and what kind of life you want in the future.

With that clear convection in heart, we will just go forward, no matter what stereotype people will have, no matter what obstacle on its way and on matter the cost we will pay for, because once the questioning and confusion popping up around us, we could tell both the people have that and ourselves that I know who I am and what I want.

As seniors in university, which also means closeness to the end of the school life to many students, there must be so many confusions among us. It will be so lucky for those who have already found their personal power with which to begin their new life after graduation. Nevertheless, given the truth that it is not so piece of cake for everyone to clearly know themselves, I cite another line in the heroes "you are not lonely, we're all together ".


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