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iPhone 3G 版手机获评“年度最佳产品”
iPhone 3G voted 'gadget of year'
[ 2008-09-18 15:26 ]

iPhone 3G 版手机获评“年度最佳产品”

An employee holds an Apple iPhone at a Best Buy in Mountain View, California, on Sept 7. AP

Apple's iPhone 3G has won a public vote to find the year's best gadget, beating strong competition from three games consoles, a laptop and a balloon-shaped iPod speaker system.

The latest version of the mobile that combines a phone with a music and video player was chosen by readers of Britain’s Stuff magazine in its annual Gadget of the Year awards.

The magazine described the iPhone 3G as "a faster, cleverer version of an already remarkable phone". The phone's first incarnation, launched in Britain last year, won the coolest gadget prize at last year's ceremony.

Other nominees included Sony's PlayStation 3, Microsoft's Xbox 360, Nintendo's Wii Fit and the B&W Zeppelin iPod speakers.

Stuff's Editor Fraser Macdonald said the nominated products were judged on their performance, design and value, as well as "that elusive cool factor".

"Having our readers vote for a number of the awards has been fascinating," he said. "They are the ones out there on the street buying gadgets and so they are a great barometer."

The magazine's own gadget of the year prize, chosen by its editorial staff, went to the Asus Eee Pc, a no-frills laptop that costs less than $500.

The judges said it had made more of an impact than any other device and marked the start of a "laptop for everyone" era.

Here are the other main winners, announced at a ceremony at the Dorchester Hotel in London on Tuesday:

International brand: Nokia

Innovation: Sony Reader

Design: Apple MacBook Air

Game: Grand Theft Auto IV

Green gadget: Ego Electric Street Scoota

Retailer: Firebox.com, an online gadget and toy shop



在日前的一项公众票选活动中,苹果公司的iPhone 3G版手机“力压群雄”,被评为“年度最佳产品”,同时入围的产品包括三款游戏机、一款笔记本电脑和一款气球形状的iPod扬声器。

这项一年一度的读者票选活动由英国《Stuff》杂志开展,集通话、音乐和视频播放器功能为一体的iPhone 最新3G版手机受到青睐。

《Stuff》杂志评价iPhone 3G版手机“在第一代产品基础上更进一步,实现了速度更快和更加智能化”。第一代iPhone手机去年在英国推出时,就获得了“最酷产品”大奖。

其它几款提名产品包括索尼PS3游戏机、微软Xbox 360游戏机、任天堂Wii Fit游戏机和B&W Zeppelin iPod扬声器。



该杂志还让编辑们评选出了自己的年度最佳产品,华硕的易PC(Eee Pc)获得这一殊荣,这款笔记本电脑朴实无华,价格不到500美元。




最具创新:Sony Reader

最佳设计:苹果MacBook Air笔记本


最环保产品:伊果电动摩托车Ego Electric Street Scoota





no-frills:marked by the absence of extra or special features; basic(无修饰的,朴实无华的:无额外的或特征的;基本的)

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